Edvard Moser with PRE Students

Professional Development

Career Services

At MPFI, we support our students and trainees with more than just experience in the lab. Some of the career services and professional development opportunities we offer are:

  • Interview Practice Sessions
  • Resume Review
  • Public Speaking Coaching
  • Access to Conferences and Scientific Events
  • Resource Library
  • Communication and Negotiation Training
  • Networking Opportunities
  • Fellowship/Grant Writing Support
  • Mentoring Opportunities
  • Job Search Support

In addition, MPFI holds special events to help foster strong relationships and build collaborations, such as Favorite Friday Social Hours, Journal Clubs, and Scientific Retreats. To learn more about the career development benefits that MPFI offers, please contact Paul Evans, Head of Scientific Training, at training@mpfi.org.

Graduate Student Association

The Max Planck Florida Graduate Student Association provides support, networking and social opportunities, and career development resources for graduate students at MPFI.

A cornerstone of the Graduate Student Association is the Max Planck Mentorship program, in which each grad student is paired with a postdoc mentor from a different lab, which facilitates community and one-on-one training. The Graduate Student Association meets monthly to discuss projects, issues, and topics of interest to members. For more information, please email Academic Programs Coordinator Paul Evans at training@mpfi.org.


Graduate Student Association Leadership

Network for Women in Science

The Network for Women in Science (NWiS) is a community at the Max Planck Florida Institute for Neuroscience, the Scripps Research Institute, and Florida Atlantic University dedicated to raising awareness and promoting change related to issues pertinent to female under-representation in STEM -related careers. We welcome all genders, and aim to build a community of support to foster the careers of scientists through community outreach, career workshops, and bias education.

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Postdoc Association

The mission of the Post-Doctoral Association (PDA) is to enhance and support the postdoctoral experience at MPFI.

More specifically, the goals of the PDA are:

  • To foster interaction and communication amongst MPFI post-doctoral fellows thereby creating a sense of community;
  • To represent and advocate for the post-doctoral fellows’ interests to the Institute and to the appropriate Institute committees, organizations and departments;
  • To seek out and secure the provision of professional and career development skills and opportunities for its members;
  • To promote social and professional interactions among postdocs within the Institute and with other postdoctoral fellows at nearby institutions;
  • To encourage and support its members in community outreach and science advocacy activities.

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