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We can pursue bold neuroscience research, train the next generation of brilliant scientists, and develop cutting-edge tools that will expand our knowledge of the brain thanks to the support from forward-thinking organizations, governments, and visionary donors like you. 

Here are a few reasons why your support matters and why we rely on you.

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Insight Must Precede Application

That wise phrase from 1918 Nobel Laureate Max Planck is the cornerstone of fundamental research. MPFI expands our understanding of how the brain functions at the electrophysiological, molecular, cellular, and network levels. As we gain insight into how the brain works, scientists everywhere can apply that knowledge to create better treatments and cures.

Fundamental Research Produces Return on Investment

One of the greatest powers of your gift is that it reverberates through generations as research progresses to application. According to the National Institute of Health, every dollar spent on fundamental research yields returns ranging from $10 to more than $80. You can impact the future of science.

It’s Important to Invest in the Next Generation of Scientists

The generation you help train today will help build a better tomorrow for us all. When a brilliant young researcher is part of the Max Plank Academy your financial support allows them to focus their energies on the demands of research. The Academy trains high-school interns through postdoctorial researches, because igniting the spark of curiosity in young minds and nurturing the ‘sense of wonder’ throughout their education enables them to develop their full potential with an early head start.

Unrestricted Funding Supports New Ideas

Unrestricted giving allows MPFI to seize new and emerging opportunities whenever or wherever they arise. Your generosity provides vital agility to explore new ideas and collaborations with big potential.

Global Reach

The Max Planck Society is one of the world’s most successful research organizations. Since its establishment in 1948, no fewer than 22 Nobel laureates have emerged from the ranks of its scientists. Your support goes further at MPFI because of our ability to bring together outstanding scientists from around the world. Your gift can make the difference in our ability to host international speakers and educators, retain top research talent at critical stages in their careers, and share cutting-edge research with the world. 100% of your support remains at the Florida Institute for Neuroscience.

We Remove Barriers To Discovery

Max Planck provides young researchers with guaranteed core funding for 5 to 7 years, giving them the time to build their own lab and develop their research without the administrative burdens of applying for grants and having to play it safe. This boosts their early career–allowing them to explore high­risk/high­reward projects. When you support the Max Planck Academy it keeps researches at the cutting-edge by providing access to the latest training, technology and opportunities for collaboration within the scientific community.

We’re Advancing Diversity and Inclusion In Science

MPFI understands the barriers that have historically excluded people from research careers. We support women, researchers of color, and LGBTQ+ in tailored ways alongside programs such as our diversity committee, National Women in Science (NWIS), mentorships, and community outreach and education programs. Your support can help us make sure science has a more equitable future where everyone is respected and accepted.

Donors Bridge the Gap

When traditional funding falls short donors are in a unique position to bridge the gap and help scientists embark on curiosity-driven research. Your support enables, Interdisciplinary research projects, provides students with experiential learning vital to their professional success, and fosters new education and outreach programs.

Curiosity-Driven Science Is Expensive

MPFI tackles the biggest questions in Neuroscience and those bold ideas come with a price tag. Your gifts enable us to think creatively and take bold new approaches. Without you, we wouldn’t have the freedom or flexibility to take on the unknowns with the tolerance for risk that is required in transformative problem solving. Making a difference is worth it.

"It is the advancements that will be made within the walls of MPFI that have the potential to change and improve the lives of generations to come." - David Auth, MPFI Supporter

David and Nancy Auth


Fueling groundbreaking research, support cutting-edge STEM training, advancing knowledge to answer the biggest challenges in neuroscience —your gifts to MPFI drive scientific discovery.

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Accountability and Integrity


Max Planck Florida Institute for Neuroscience is honored to consistently be recognized by the nation’s premier charity evaluators. We’ve earned a Platinum Rating from Candid (formerly Guidestar), acknowledging our exceptional management and impact. Additionally, our 4-Star rating from Charity Navigator reflects our commitment to financial health, transparency, and accountability. These accolades affirm our dedication to responsible stewardship and measurable results in neuroscience research.

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