Mechanical Workshop

Our Mechanical Workshop is a special Core Facility, typically present in most Max Planck Institutes, that designs and builds commercially unavailable equipment and customizes existing tools for use in novel research methods by MPFI scientists.

The workshop provides specialized 3D CAD model-based machine tooling and custom built parts allowing MPFI scientists to develop non-conventional and unique microscopes and imaging technology that isn’t available anywhere else, leaving little to desire in the support of scientific creativity. Mechanical engineers work closely with investigators to support, advise, and collaborate in technical fields, ensuring the technological needs of each lab are met. The Mechanical Workshop Core Facility also participates actively in training and mentoring MPFI’s high-school interns.

Because of the unique expertise of its machinists, our Mechanical Workshop provides services to organizations outside of MPFI in addition to the labs within the institute, including Scripps Florida, Florida Atlantic University, and other research facilities throughout the nation. Local businesses also take advantage of our workshop’s high-end machinery, rendering them considerably more competitive in the market.



  • Design, development, and construction of scientific equipment
  • Customization and modification of scientific equipment
  • Diagnostics and repair of scientific equipment



  • 5-axis high-speed CNC milling machine
  • 3+2-axis CNC milling machine
  • Wire EDM
  • SLA 3D Printer
  • Laser Cutter



Nicole Daniel
Manager of the Mechanical Workshop
Phone: (561) 972-9189