Research Scientist
Wang Lab

Xiaoliang Zhao Ph.D. is a Research Scientist in the lab of Yingxue Wang where he studies neuronal mechanisms of memory encoding in mouse brain.


Dr. Zhao joined the Max Planck Florida Institute in April 2019. Prior to this appointment, Dr. Zhao conducted research at Institute of Neuroscience (Shanghai), Chinese Academy of Sciences and Janelia Research Campus, HHMI, where he completed his doctoral and Postdoc work.


Ph.D., Institute of Neuroscience, Chinese Academy of Sciences, Neurobiology

BA, Sichuan University, National talents training program, Biology

Selected publications:

1. Xiaoliang Zhao, Daniela Lenek, Ugur Dag, Barry Dickson, Krystyna Keleman. Persistent activity in a recurrent circuit underlies courtship memory in Drosophila, eLife (2018) 7: e31425

2. Xiaoliang Zhao, Ukpong B. Eyo, Madhuvika Murugan, Longjun Wu. (Review) Microglial interaction with the neurovascular system in physiology and pathology, Developmental Neurobiology (2018) Vol 78(6): 604-617

3. Hirofumi Toda, Xiaoliang Zhao, Barry Dickson. The Drosophila female aphrodisiac pheromone activates ppk23+ sensory neurons to elicit male courtship behavior, Cell Reports (2012) Vol 1(6): 599-607

4. Xiaoliang Zhao, Wen’an Wang, Jiangxiu Tan, Jiankang Huang, Xiao Zhang, Baozhu Zhang, Yuhang Wang, Hanyu YangCheng, Honglian Zhu, Xiaojiang Sun, Fude Huang. Expression of β-amyloid induced age-dependent presynaptic and axonal changes in Drosophila, Journal of Neuroscience (2010) Vol 30: 1512-1522