Research Scientist
Yasuda Lab

Lesley Colgan develops and uses biosensors to visualize protein activity during the complex process of synaptic plasticity.


Dr. Lesley Colgan is a research associate in the laboratory of Dr. Ryohei Yasuda who designs and utilizes protein biosensors to reveal the signaling mechanisms that mediate plasticity and metaplasticity of synapses. Specifically, she takes advantage of two-photon fluorescence lifetime imaging to measure the activity of signaling proteins with high spatial and temporal resolution during structural plasticity of single spines. She is particularly interested in how neurons can maintain cellular homeostasis in the face of ever changing synaptic input and strength.

In addition to her research, Dr. Colgan is passionate about education and mentorship. She is currently faculty in the joint Max Planck/Florida Atlantic University undergraduate honors program. She is a strong advocate for peer and mentoring networks and increasing diversity in science.


Ph.D., University of Pittsburgh, Neurobiology

BS, Yale University, Molecular, Cellular, Developmental Biology