MPFI Research Group Leader Featured on Podcast

June 18, 2020

MPFI Researcher Vidhya Rangaraju was interviewed on the neuroscience podcast, WaterCooler Neuroscience. Hosted by Wilf Nelson, WaterCooler Neuroscience invites peer-reviewed researchers in Psychology and Neuroscience to discuss their work. The podcast also features episodes about neuroscience tools and techniques. In this episode, which debuted June 15, 2020, Vidhya Rangaraju discusses the process of setting up her lab and her work to understand how neurons have multiple power generating tiny organs across each part of the neuron. The episode explores how neurons have adapted to handle their enormous energy requirements and why the receiving and sending portions of a neuron actually need different power creating solutions.

The episode can be found here: WCNeuro S3, EP2 – How neurons use energy part 2 with Dr Vidhya Rangaraju