Commitment to Inclusion and Sustainability

We recognize that we are just a small part of a bigger world, one where we have a responsibility to protect each other and the natural resources that surround us. Read more about Max Planck Florida’s commitment to diversity and inclusion, as well as the actions we are taking to ensure that we act as good stewards of our environment. 

Diversity and Inclusion

Max Planck Florida Institute for Neuroscience recognizes that our greatest achievements are often derived from diverse backgrounds, experiences, and perspectives. We uphold the right of everyone to work toward their full potential in an equitable environment free of discrimination or hostility. We are committed to the promotion of inclusion; to raising up traditionally marginalized communities, and to the celebration of the differences that make us unique. We will conduct ourselves in a way that protects those around us, regardless of race, color, religion, sex, age, national origin, genetic information, disability, pregnancy, sexual orientation, gender identity, marital status, medical condition, or any other facet of diversity.

Of course, words alone are not enough, so we have outlined examples of how we will act on our commitments:

  • We carefully consider the language we use and the environments we create;
  • We respect each other’s identities and individual journeys;
  • We develop resources for ongoing learning and awareness;
  • We provide outlets for recourse when things go wrong;
  • We listen and create opportunities for dialogue;
  • We acknowledge when we fail to meet these standards, and take the necessary steps to make the situation right.

MPFI understands that equity is a lifelong process, and we affirm our commitment to this path and the necessary learning and improvement along the way.

Sustainability and Environment Stewardship

At Max Planck Florida, we are committed not only to our science, but also to the environment we live in, and are striving towards more sustainable research.

We are dedicated to improving and reducing our environmental impact through action. One way we do this is via our local Green Team that is part of the larger Max Planck Sustainability Network. The MPFI Green Team meets periodically within our institute to discuss new ideas, organize events, raise awareness, and highlight ‘green’ tips to implement at home. When coming up with and implementing green solutions, we focus our efforts on four major categories:

Our LEED-NC Gold Certified institute was opened in December of 2012, with several unique features that help save energy. For example, state-of-the-art energy recovery wheels are used to capture useable energy from building exhaust. Recycling of moisture removed during dehumidification contributes to the building’s cooling system. External sunshades are calibrated to provide ample daylight while minimizing heat and glare. Since the construction of the building, we have switched our lightning system to energy-efficient LEDs and installed automatic light management systems in several locations throughout the institute to reduce energy use.

Waste & Supply

  • We work to reduce waste by reusing and recycling products wherever possible.
  • In the laboratory, we sterilize and reuse labware when possible, to reduce plastic waste.
  • We have also recently switched from virgin copy paper to more sustainable recycled paper.
  • In our common spaces, instead of single-use plastics, we switched to ceramic coffee cups and silverware which are washed and reused.
  • On occasions when we host green events, we have giveaways which now include reusable drinking bottles and tote bags to promote multi-use products.

Our institute is landscaped with drought-tolerant native species and a retention basin that collects stormwater runoff. Irrigation is provided by a municipal reclaimed water system.

With limited public transportation in our area, we encourage staff to bike to the institute and promote ride-sharing to institute-wide events.

Besides these four major categories, we also care about our social environment and are committed to creating a welcoming and supportive atmosphere for our employees and all who visit our campus.