Getting to Know Our NWiS Leadership: Nicole Schultz

Get to know the scientists that keep MPFI’s NWiS organization up and running! In this four-part series we will be learning more about the team that makes our networking opportunities possible.

May 19, 2020

Nicole Schultz serves as treasurer for MPFI’s Network for Women in Science. She is part of a team that works to guide the goals of NWiS and ensures we have sufficient means to make a positive impact on the community.

What is your background (e.g., education, hometown, etc.)?

I’m originally from Brockton Massachusetts, received my Bachelor’s from Jacksonville University (major Biology; minor Chemistry and Spanish). My Master’s degree is from San Diego State University in Cell and Molecular Biology with a concentration Molecular Virology.

What is your position and lab at MPFI and in NWiS?

I’m the Lab Manager and Histology Coordinator of David Fitzpatrick’s Lab and Treasurer for NWiS.

What is your project or work about?

I work on everyone’s project, doing post hoc analysis. I assist in grant writing and submission, budget and allocations.

Why did you want to participate in NWiS?

I joined NWiS when it was originally starting up at Scripps and bridging over to MPFI. I wanted to reach out and make various connections within the scientific community here in Florida since I was new to the state. Having worked at multiple universities I have seen various females at different stages in their career and have offered advice and wanted to continue to do so while at MPFI. I am happy to see a different lab dynamic these days, in which the male/female ratio from postdoc down to technician has shifted to slowly becoming 50/50. I would like to see this trend continue.

Did you have a female mentor during your career? If so, how do you think this shaped your career trajectory?

Dr. LeeAnn Clements. I originally thought I wanted to go to medical school. But after doing an advanced project my senior year of undergrad, I thoroughly enjoyed the benchwork experience and decided to go a different route.

Why did you choose to study neuroscience?

​I didn’t choose Neuroscience. I have meandered through many different focuses in my time in the scientific field. I enjoy constantly learning new things and contributing what I can along the way.

What is your favorite thing about living in Florida?

I love being this close to the ocean and being able to enjoy many outdoor recreational activities with my children.

How do you manage your stress from work and/or maintain a work-life balance?

When someone figures this out, please let me know! I am always striving to have a better work/life balance, but it is not easy. What is easy is feeling like you haven’t done enough on either end, at home or at work. I am lucky in the sense that my husband is a great counter balance for me.