Getting to know our NWIS leadership: Clara Tepohl

Get to know the scientists that keep MPFI’s NWiS organization up and running! In this four-part series we will be learning more about the team that makes our networking opportunities possible.

June 30, 2020
Clara Tepohl

What is your background (e.g., education, hometown, etc.)?

I was born in Germany, Munich. Did my undergrad in Heidelberg (GER) in physics, then switched to neuroscience (master in Goettingen, GER).

What is your position and lab at MPFI and in NWiS?

I am a graduate student in the Fitzpatrick lab. NWiS: Head of Event Coordination. NWiS member since 2018.

What is your project or work about?

The synaptic basis of binocular convergence – understanding how the inputs from the two eyes converges at a single cell level and how orientation preference between the two eyes becomes matched during development to form one coherent perception. Using two-photon calcium imaging of dendritic spines.

Why did you want to participate in NWiS?

Wanted to join NWiS to connect with other women in science. Now I enjoy also learning more about leadership and organization of events and teams.

Did you have a female mentor during your career? If so, how do you think this shaped your career trajectory?

I have now female postdocs in my lab that serve as mentors and idols. They are encouraging and supportive to me

What is your favorite thing about living in Florida?

Living in Florida is nice because almost every day you can enjoy the sun and putting my face in the sun always puts a smile on my face. Also, I hate being cold, which rarely happens here 😉