Seminar – Tri-Institutional Seminar

TIPS with Kaushik Chanda and Anant Jain

Jul 28,
  • Time:
  • Location: MPFI - Elmore Auditorium

Kaushik Chanda, PhD

Laboratory of Dr. Sathya Puthanveettil, UF Scripps

MALAT1 regulatory networks in Alzheimer’s Disease

mouse tissue qPCR
arrays MALAT1 showed a consistent and significant decrease in cell and
animal models of AD. Using bioinformatics, qRT-PCR, RNA FISH, and RIP techniques, we
could establish MALAT1 as an interactor and regulator of miRs-200a, -26a, and
-26b. These miRNAs, in turn, target the RTK EPHA2 and several of its
downstream effectors.

Anant Jain, PhD

Laboratory of Dr. Ryohei Yasuda, MPFI

Novel CAMKII role in a behaviorally relevant
plasticity mechanism in the hippocampus

Current millisecond long synaptic plasticity rules does not account for the behavioral learning
that occurs over seconds to minutes. In my talk, I will describe a novel
behavioral time scale plasticity at CA1 synapses that underlies place cell
formation and a surprising role of CAMKII in this plasticity.

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