Seminar – Tri-Institutional Seminar

TIPS with Isabel Villanueva and Xiaoyu Liu

Aug 6,
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  • Location: Zoom

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Isabel Villanueva

Laboratory of Dr. Sathya Puthanveettil, Scripps Research

Expression of linc RNA D17rik in dorsal CA1 constrain the consolidation of contextual fear memory

Recent studies have implicated lncRNAs as critical regulators of gene expression in the brain, but little is known about whether and how lncRNAs regulate memory. Our studies identified an specific enrichment in dorsal CA1 area of a novel lncRNA, D17rik, induced by contextual fear conditioning training whereas its reduction impairs specifically the encoding of the fear memory, without altering other memory functions.

Xiaoyu Liu

Laboratory of Dr. Ning Quan, FAU

Localization of brain neuronal IL-1R1 reveals vulnerability of specific neural circuitries to immune signaling

How does inflammatory cytokine interleukin 1 modulate neuronal activities? My study reveals the anatomical localization, neurotransmitter usage, and the
non-canonical modulatory function of neurons which express receptor for interleukin 1.